Babu the knife sharpener

He is regular visitor. Comes to our home after a few months. He is Babu, from Babusarai – a village 3-4 kms away. People in villages usually get their agricultural implements sharpened from his bicycle fitted sharpener.

In our case it’s usually the kitchen knives and few odd khurpis (खुरपी).

Babu from Babusarai

I asked him – how was the business in Lockdown?

“No change. I move around in nearby villages. Lockdown or no Lockdown, my life is as usual.” He is otherwise also not seemingly concerned with the spread of virus. Does not wear or carry a mask. I, however keep a safe distance from him and do sanitise my hands after taking back and keeping the sharpened implements in home.

I feel happy that least some categories of people are not economically affected by or are excessively fearful of Coronavirus spread! I tell Babu to visit us more frequently. Paying sixty rupees for sharpening of six implements is not much. We can afford spending it more often…

There is a battery operated cordless knife sharpener available for four hundred rupees online. It’s customer satisfaction rating is also good. But I desist from ordering forthat. It is better to be dependent on Babu. The village economy must survive.

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