Parasnath, regular in Ganga Snan for 25 years

I often see him either going or returning form Kolahalpur Ganga Ghat in the morning hours. He must be reaching at the ghat before sunrise.

A few days back, I had placed a tweet about him –

Yesterday I saw him again returning from the Ganges and thought of talking to him.

He resides in Dainiya (डईनिया) – a place inhabited by witches as per local folklore. The place has many carpet weavers. Parasnath is also a Bunkar (बुनकर or carpet weaver).

Parasnath said that he has to work for meeting his living expenses. काम न करें तो खर्चा बर्चा कैसे चले. But he spends considerable time in puja (god worship). His face looks serene and his steps are easy, effortless. I can imagine Kabir Das (famous Nirgun poet and Bhakt) would have been someone like him. Kabir was also a Bunkar. His birth place is also in this area – 40 kilometers away.

Parasnath, returning from Kolahalpur Ganga Ghat after Snan.

There are many characters like Parasnath. Cool, composed, without much expectations and living Dharmic life in their own way. Many of them have profound views on issues like life, death, purpose of life and life beyond etc.

And they are living normal household life. Simple, truthful, frugal and great in some sense.

I found a few minute interaction with Parasnath exhilarating.

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Exploring village life. Past - managed train operations of IRlys in various senior posts. Spent idle time at River Ganges. Now reverse migrated to a village Vikrampur (Katka), Bhadohi, UP. Blog: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter IDs: gyandutt Facebook Page: gyanfb

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